The Story | Kettlebellstyle
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The Story

Not just another brand. A passion

What is Kettlebellstyle?


As 15 years as a trainer in the business of physical activity and health has passed by, I now stand with one of the simplest yet most effective tools beside me that has withstood the test of time -the Kettlebell. It’s only fair to say that the Kettlebell has become a metaphor for both my life and profession. Pushing myself and others physical limits while training, as well as bringing that same iron mentality outside the gym to my business.


At the same time, an interest for styles and clothing has always been a huge part of me. A simple rule that I live by, is that what you wear should be comfortable enough to sleep in yet stylish enough to wear at any public occasion. You know that feeling of an old favourite shirt, jeans or pants, that you put on as soon as you come home after work…why not have that same feeling during the day as well…? Everyday.


With this said, it all started as a small idea to connect my passions. An ambitious mission, but i couldn´t get rid of the idea, so I decided to take it to the next level. And out to the world.

The inspiration to Kettlebellstyle clothing comes from the simplest things around me, from all the people I meet in my profession and their stories, to the contrasts of high tempo urban living, and the stillness of nature. Hard work, love and laughter. All together.

The Kettlebellstyle logo represents and combines my favourite tool in my profession, with my quality grounded clothing, which is symbolized by the heavy anchor. The logo also represents my motto to work hard, believe in what you do, and never take anything for granted.